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Rarities. Exclusives. Customized one-off guitar mods.

The new Les Paul Supreme boasts a refreshed feature set, making it a contender for the best electric guitar of 2023. Get yours now.

Les Paul Supreme
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Gibson Certified Vintage
June 9, 1915 – August 12, 2009


The Grammy winning Les Paul tenaciously experimented with music, electronics, and guitar design his entire life. As a kid, Les was busy creating his own amplification by attaching a phonograph pickup to the top of his guitar, and then later on, he became a pioneer of multi-track recording, which changed the world and the scope of creativity in the studio. shroomiez

His first broadcasting success was on radio with television close behind. At the latter part of his career, he returned to the stage weekly in New York City—first at the club, Fat Tuesdays, and finally he held court at the legendary Iridium during shows with a stellar band and many world-class guest musicians taking the stage with him.

His legacy endures through each carefully crafted signature model guitar— igniting the imagination, inspiration and innovation of players across the globe.

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Gibson Guitars for sale


The Les Paul legacy lives on through each of these carefully crafted solidbody guitars.

Soft as a Cloud

Play different. Stand out. Our Exclusive Collection features unique builds and color options, only available direct from Gibson


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He was a man with vision and instinctual genius— an inventor, virtuoso guitarist and technical visionary.

Made for Real Life

Original. Aspirational, Authentic. The ultimate in craftsmanship, art and historical accuracy.

Rarities. Exclusives. Customized one-off guitar mods.

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Gibson electric guitars represent the history as well as the future of the electric guitar. The models whose designs have become classics.